War gaming software handed over to Indian Navy

Photo: ISSA designed software being handed over to the Indian Navy today.

New Delhi: A Delhi-based defence research and development laboratory has designed a new generation war gaming software in collaboration with the Visakhapatnam-based Maritime Warfare Centre to meet the contemporary operation and tactical level requirement of the Indian Navy.

The Institute for Systems Studies and Analysis (ISSA), a premier Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) lab, handed over the war gaming software today, a Ministry of Defence statement said here.

The software was handed over by DRDO Chairman and Department of Defence Research and Development Secretary Dr G. Satheesh Reddy to Indian Navy vice chief Vice Admiral G. Ashok Kumar at the ISSA premises.

The key focus has been to create a war gaming environment which enables Maritime Warfare Centres to train using the latest technological and computing tools. The software has versatile and user-friendly features, which enable globally playable war gaming scenarios between multiple forces.

It enables exercises to be conducted between geographically dispersed locations over Wide Area Network. The architecture is forward compatible and new functional and equipment modules can be developed and easily plugged in.

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