Talks breakdown: Labour lockdown at India’s plane-maker from tomorrow

File Photo: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited logo.

Bengaluru: India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will face a major lock-down of operations at all its nine manufacturing locations across the country from tomorrow after the talks between the management and the labour unions broke down following their two-day talks that ended today over wage revision issues.

Following a strike call by the All India HAL Trade Unions Coordination Committee (AIHALTUCC) earlier this month, conciliation proceedings commenced at all locations and the labour authorities have advised the Unions to desist from agitation and strike, and to come to an amicable solution in consultation with HAL management.

The HAL management has also persuaded the Unions to desist from any confrontation or agitation, and to come forward for discussions with reasonable expectations, a statement from HAL said today.

Management’s Views on the Lockdown

Keeping in view the overwhelming sentiment among majority of the employees for amicable and expeditious resolution of the issues and the overall interest of the organisation, the HAL management, to conclude the Wage Revision of Workmen, conducted meetings with the representatives of the recognised Unions on yesterday and today, which were the 11th in the series of meetings held so far.

During the first day meeting, a stock of the issues settled and a few pending issues was taken. The management has also offered to enhance allowances under Cafeteria system at the rate if 22 per cent for workmen in Scale-1 to 10 and 20 per cent for workmen in Special Scale, as against uniform rate of 19 per cent offered earlier and also assured that all the workmen will stand benefitted in terms of allowances on account of introduction of Cafeteria system.

On the second day of negotiations, after lot of deliberations, the management offered revised rate of Fitment benefit at the rate of 11 per cent. During the negotiations, the wage negotiation committee also apprised the Unions of the ill-effects of resorting to any strike of agitation jeopardising the interest of the employees, the organization and the nation at large.

“Despite (the) management’s concerted efforts towards bringing an amicable and early wage settlement, the unions unfortunately have adopted a recalcitrant approach and did not accept the offer and decided to resort to indefinite strike; (even after the) management’s appeal not to resort to an indefinite strike and (to) resolve the issue in a spirit of accommodation,” the statement said.

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