India Army plans to buy 198 wheeled armoured vehicles for Pakistan border

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By N. C. Bipindra

New Delhi: The Indian Army is planning to procure 198 Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle Recce and Support for its forces deployed with battalions posted in the plains of Rajasthan and Punjab along Pakistan border.

To identify probable vendors, the Indian Army today issued a Request for Information (RFI), asking vendors what it can offer and carry out deliveries within four years of signing of the contract.

The tender (Request for Proposals in defence parlance) is likely to be issued in July 2020. The Indian Army will prefer if the product offered by the vendors is designed, developed and manufactured in India completely.

The wheeled armoured vehicles will be operationally required to operate cross country across the developed sector in terrain interspersed with Rivers and Canals. The vehicle should be provided with high mobility, adequate armour protection and armament configuration suitable to destroy enemy tanks and undertake local protection.

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