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MKU to offer its IDDM products to Indian armed forces

Photo: MKU’s NETRO NC-3000

New Delhi: India’s defence and security solutions provider, Kanpur-based MKU Limited, will offer its indigenously designed, developed and manufactured products such as night vision weapon sights and body armour to the Indian armed forces and will showcase its domestic military manufacturing capability at this year’s DefExpo in Lucknow from Feb. 5 to 8.

“MKU is committed to ‘Make in India‘ and has been transforming the defence industry landscape in India by deploying newer and advanced technologies in electro optics and armour solutions,” the company said in a statement ahead of the signature India military industry show.

“Our products are Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured in our manufacturing units in India and Germany and are used by Indian and international forces across 100 countries,” the company said.

Photo: MKU’s MACS Helmet.

In this edition of Defexpo among others, MKU would be displaying:

  • Versatile range of Night Vision (Image intensified) weapon sights, monocular and bi-oculars that deploy Gen 3 sensor technology for excellent performance in very low light conditions
  • Rugged Thermal Weapon Sights for assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMG, MMG etc that offer longer ranges and better performance even in zero visibility conditions (for, smoke, smog etc)
  • Instavest series, our all new line up of quick release survivability and protection jackets as per BIS Standards for male and female soldiers in tactical, combat and law enforcement configurations. Instavest series feature the highest level of protection in the lightest configurations using Gen 6 armour technology
  • The newly designed Insta Load Distribution System (ILDS) for our jackets based on the Exo Skeleton technology
  • Polyshield – H bolt free helmets that are capable of providing uniform protection across the head, from faster and more lethal fragments at higher velocities
Photo: MKU’s newly designed Insta Load Distribution System (ILDS) for our jackets based on the Exo Skeleton technology.

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