Vocal for Local: India places $145-million indent for combat vehicles on ordnance factory

File Photo: Indian Army’s BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicle.

New Delhi: India today placed an indent for supply of 156 upgraded BMP Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) for Rs 1,094 crore ($145 million) on state-run ordnance factories, in what is seen as a boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s call for going ‘vocal for local‘ made-in-India military products.

The Ministry of Defence‘s Acquisition Wing, with the approval of Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh, placed the indent on the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) for the Russian-origin BMP-2/2k ICVs for the use of the Mechanised Forces of the Indian Army.

The BMP-2/2k will come with upgraded feature and would be powered by 285 horse power engines. With lesser weight that the previous variants, the latest BMPs will be highly mobile and meet all the tactical requirements of the mobility on the battlefield, a Ministry of Defence statement said.

“These ICVs will be able to reach a speed of 65 kilometres per hour (kmph) with easy steering ability in cross-country terrain. They will have amphibious capabilities to travel at seven kmph in water. These are designed to overcome slope of up to 35-degree cross obstacles of 0.7 metre and have lethal firepower capability.”

With the induction of these 156 BMP 2/2K ICVs, planned to be completed by 2023, the existing deficiency in the mechanised infantry battalions will be mitigated and the combat capability of the army will be further enhanced.

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