India Army to procure 100,000 ballistic helmets for infantry men

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New Delhi: The Indian Army‘s infantry men would be receiving a new set of ballistic helmets, as the Ministry of Defence desires to buy 100,000 of the new personal protection gear with a tender to be tentatively issued in Feb. 2021.

The Indian Army’s Infantry Directorate has issued a Request for Information (RFI) on June 23 to original equipment manufacturers and vendors asking if they can supply the ballistic helmets between 12 months and 36 months of contract signing. The RFI is to identify vendors who can complete the contract within the stipulated time frame.

The RFI for the ballistic helmets will be government by the Defence Procurement Procedure of 2016 as amended up to Nov. 2019, the RFI document stated.

The Indian Army is seeking both normal and commander’s ballistic helments, with desired protection level in lightest weight so that the soldier can operate with maximum combat efficiency during prolonged operations with adequate protection against small arms fire.

The broad characteristics of new ballistic helmet as desired are as given below:

(a) Protection Level: Against 7.62×39 mm MSC/HSC bullets from 10 metres.

(b) Weight: As light as possible.

(c) Trauma Level (Back Face Signature): Least possible.

(d) Design: Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) or Personal Armor System Ground Troops (PASGT) or Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH).

(e) Ergonomics: The ballistic helmet must provide comfort for prolonged operations and provide 360-degree grip around the head. The inner padding must enable air circulation and resist bacterial infestation. Ease of adjustment and removal when required during prolonged operations.

(f) Size: The ballistic helmet must be provided in varying sizes to enable usage by troops across the Indian Army.

(g) Accessories: Arrangements for attachment of various accessories such as night vision goggles, visor or face shield, torch, counter weights, etc.

(h) Surface and Interiors: The ballistic helmets must have a matt finish (without any shining surface). The colour of the helmet must be configurable as per user requirement. The padded interior must be modular and provide for ease of washing and drying.

(i) Operational Temperature: The Ballistic Helmet should be able to operate between temperature ranges from minus 40 degrees to plus 55 degrees Celsius without degradation in performance.

(j) Service Life: Minimum service life of 10 years is desired.

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