India Army to procure multi-purpose tools for infantry soldiers

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New Delhi: The Indian Army is scouting for multi-purpose tools to arm its infantry soldiers and an open tender will be issued soon for procuring them. Multi-purpose tools will form a part of an individual soldier’s personal equipment.

The Indian Army’s Master General of Ordnance branch has on June 26 issued a Request for Information (RFI) to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or their authorised dealers for the multi-purpose tools.

Qualitative Requirements for the multi-purpose tools:

  1. Operational and Physical Characteristics: The multi-purpose tools should have the following minimum components with their specified functional capability:

(a) Needle or Long Nose Pliers with Universal Detonator Crimper: Capable of screwing and removing maximum 14mm (9/46 inch) nuts and bolts and crimping universal size detonators. Nose and handle to have adequate hardness to perform routine task easily.

(b) Wire Cutter: Cut Binding Wire upto 12 Gauge,15 Amp Electric Copper Wire and JWD Cable.

(c) Electric Wire Stripper: Strip electric wire ranging from 24 to 12 Gauge.

(d) Flat Blade Screw Driver: Drive and remove Slotted screws with slot length 4.76 mm.

(e) Cross Tip Screw Driver: Drive and remove Cross Tip Screws.

(f) Drop Point Blade: It should be minimum 55mm long with a single or double bevel edge. It should be usable as a dagger.

(g) Serrated Sheep Foot Blade: It should be minimum 55mm long.

(h) Wood/Bone Saw: It should be capable of controlled sawing through wood (25mm thick), plastic (10mm thick), Aluminum (26 Gauge) and metal tube (22 Gauge).

(j) Combination File: It should allow filing of wood (3mm), Plastic (2mm) and light metal (0.5mm). It should be double faced with one face single (smooth or second cut) and the other face double (smooth or second cut).

(k) Can Opener: It should allow controlled opening of commercially available canned goods.

(l) Bottle Opener: Capable of controlled opening of compressed bottle top (e.g. Soda bottle)

(m) Linear Measurement Scale: Measure 7cm with 0.2cm resolution and 3 inches with 1/8 inch resolution. The incremental calibrations must be identified by numerals indicating total distance from zero point.

  1. Proficiency: It should provide independent and automatic locking of components in operational and closed position. It should not cause injury when used with bare hands.
  2. Dimension: Maximum 150mm (Closed Position).
  3. Colour: The furniture should be Black or Olive Green or Camouflage Pattern with Matt finish. It should be without brand name. Etching of symbol and name of Indian Army on the product offered is desirable.
  4. Material: It should not rust. The required material composition should be certified by the manufacturer.
  5. Carriage: It should have a durable sheath with loop to fit on belt of 65mm width.
  6. Maintenance: It should require minimal user maintenance, lubricants and tightening of assembly screw (s). It should be capable of maintaining its performance in Sand and Dust.
  7. Environmental Tolerance: It should be capable of trouble free performance in the following conditions:

(a) Operating and Storage Temperature: Minus 20-degree to plus 50-degree Celsius.

(b) Humidity: 95 per cent at 25-degree Celsius

  1. Weight: Maximum 300gms (without sheath)

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  1. Hopefully, not made in China stuff. Since the lowest bidder gets the contract as per Defence Procurement Manual which leaves almost no room for quality.

  2. Bad days for PLA soldiers. Xi has condemned them to die by screw drivers and nose pliers, you choose cheeni.

  3. The L1 nonsense will see another chinese company taking the contract directly or as third party. The indian govt should amend or give an exeption with sufficient riders to screen any mischiefs. But the contract should be an “atmanirbhar bharat” aligned contract.

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