India launches project for buying 130 army mobile network terminals

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New Delhi: The Indian Army has launched a procurement project for the design and development of a Mobile Integrated Network Terminal (MINT) for high altitude deployment under an industry-funded indigenous programme.

The likely quantities required over the next five years (where applicable) has been projected at 129 MINT systems along with satellite hubs. The response to the Expression of Interest (EOI) should be submitted by Aug. 3.

The secure mobile network will be used in mountainous and high altitude terrain for seamless communication between Indian soldiers and their commanders for better operational efficiency.

According to the EOI documents, the objective is to seek the willingness of Indian vendors to participate in a ‘Make-II‘ project under the amended Chapter IIIA of the Defence Procurement Procedure of 2016.

“Indian vendors meeting the Technical, Commercial, and Project requirements laid out in the EOI will be, as the next step, issued a ‘Project Sanction Order‘ to develop a prototype on ‘No Cost – No Commitment‘ (NCNC) basis. All trials of the project will be on NCNC basis,” according to the EOI document issued on July 6.

“The project is sponsored by the Directorate General of Signals of the Indian Army. The MINT is proposed as a lightweight, portable and easy-to-configure communication system with integral satellite backhaul and Field Wireless System (FWS) for employment in mountainous, semi-mountainess and high altitude terrain.”

The FWS would be based on a wireless access system (4G equivalent or better). At user end, a single hand-held device, with support for voice, video and data services, is proposed.

The system is required in a maximum of five transportable ruggedised cases to include the following:

(a) FWS system and handsets
(b) Satellite backhaul
(c) IP exchange with support for at least 16 ports
(d) Power system
(e) Antennae assembly

  • Categorisation
    (a) Prototype Phase: Make-II (Industry Funded) in accordance with Para 6, Chapter IIIA of the DPP 2016.
    (b) Procurement Phase: Buy (Indian – IDDM) with minimum of 40 per cent Indigenous Content in accordance with Para 5 of Chapter IIIA of DPP 2016.

The quantities of prototype required for Field Evaluation Trials (including ancillary equipment and accessories) will be one complete MINT system with accessories and technical infrastructure for satellite link. No civil infrastructure for satellite hub is to be provided at this state by the shortlisted Development Agencies (DAs)

Successful development under this scheme would result in acquisition, from successful DAs through the ‘Buy (Indian – IDDM)’ category with indigenous design and development and a minimum 40 per cent Indigenous Content, by inviting commercial bid, which is to be submitted prior to commencement of user trials.

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