India Army again seeks domestic vendors for ammunition manufacture over 10 years

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New Delhi: India‘s army is scouting for Indian vendors to meet its needs for three different types of ammunition, all of them over a 10-year period. The requirement will be met through private sector only.

The Master General of Sustenance of the Indian Army has issued the Requests for Information to facilitate preparation of Requests for Proposal and identify prospective manufacturers for participating in the proposal for indigenous production. The information requests were issued on Nov. 26, 2020 and the due date is Jan. 25, 2021.

The participating manufacturers will be responsible to obtain necessary clearances from Ministry of Home Affairs (under Arms Act), from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (manufacturing licenses) and any other permissions necessary for manufacture of ammunition.

The Government of India will neither provide any special concessions nor any funding or investment to facilitate setting up of requisite infrastructure by participating firms.

The prospective manufacturers will be free to select their technology partners, negotiate and obtain Transfer of Technology (ToT).

It is proposed that the manufacturer should develop the infrastructure and absorb the complete ToT for manufacture of ammunition within two years from signing of the contract.


Here are those Requests for Information:

  1. Cartridge SA 7.62mm Intermediate Rimless for AK-47/56/AKM Rifle

The annual requirement projected is 65,91,936.

  1. Cartridge SA 14.5mm B-32 API for AMR

The annual requirement projected is 52,188.

  1. Round of 125mm HE for Tank 7-72/T-90 and Round of 125mm HEAT for Tank T-72/T-90

The annual requirement for Round QF 125MM HE is 54,828 and the annual requirement for Round QF 125mm HEAT is 25,716.

NOTE: The Indian Army had in August sought industry responses for other types of ammunition, about which you can read here.

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