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India ADCAI ties up with Canada CYDEF to offer cybersecurity solutions

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New Delhi (India)/Ottawa (Canada): CYDEF, a Canadian cybersecurity solutions provider, today said it has tied up with Indian Aerospace and Defence Consultants of India (ADCAI) to offer its proprietary cybersecurity solutions and to build a firewall for Indian institutions against cyber attacks from forces inimical to India.

“CYDEF is pleased to announce a partnership with Aerospace & Defence Consultants Association of India (ACDAI). ADCAI will be the distributor of CYDEF’s proprietary cybersecurity solutions for the Indian market,” a statement from the Canadian company said at the end of a virtual media event.

“The signing of this partnership marks the jumping-off point of a collaborative cybersecurity relationship between Canadian company CYDEF and ADCAI. As international cybersecurity threats continue to grow, Indian companies require both the technology to detect threats and the peace of mind to know that a team of professionals is hunting threats on their behalf.”

CYDEF’s endpoint detection and response solutions provide advanced attack detection that offers real-time, actionable insights via a proprietary machine learning platform, the company said.

“This is combined with a team of expert cybersecurity analysts, who study the alerts to provide complete visibility into the full scope of a breach.”


CYDEF’s SMART-Monitor Technology provides in-depth reporting visibility for superior threat detection. This includes:

• Continuous activity recording: Complete logs of all endpoint activity.
• Detailed reporting: Understand what’s happening on endpoints and why.
• Managed threat hunting: CYDEF’s expert analysts will research and analyze all detected
• Proactive response: Automated actions against attacks.
• Automate quarantine: Protect each environment with automated shutdown.
• Ongoing service improvement: The solution grows stronger via CYDEF’s machine

By uniting in partnership, CYDEF and ADCAI share a mutual goal to increase access to cybersecurity and Information Technology solutions for businesses across India. The partnership also strives to secure enterprises against cyber incidents like the one that struck the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Sep. 2019, the statement said.

“ADCAI believes that for the foreseeable future, CYDEF will offer unparalleled support in building a stronger and more secure online presence for Indian businesses,” it said.

“By introducing CYDEF’s solutions into the market, ADCAI is extending an innovative approach to cybersecurity previously unavailable to businesses on the Indian continent.”

NOTE: CYDEF provides cybersecurity threat prevention, detection and incident response solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Managed Service Providers. The CYDEF team leverages decades of security operations and military experience. We’re dedicated to delivering verifiable cybersecurity solutions that provide clarity into endpoint health.

NOTE: Aerospace & Defence Consultants Association of India (ACDAI) is India’s largest think-tank on disruptive technologies, critical projects and Strategic advisory services. ADCAI unites technology consultants across India with over 15,000+ people across various geographies all over the world.

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