India navy, Flipkart sign up for job opportunities for veterans

Photo: Indian Navy and Flipkart sign up for job opportunities for naval veterans.

New Delhi: The Indian Navy today signed up with e-commerce platform Flipkart to provide job opportunities for naval veterans, a key activity to ensure continued employment of personnel, who leave or retire from the service much before the end of their productive years.

The Indian Naval Placement Agency (INPA) and Flipkart signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), through which the two entities will explore opportunities for the recruitment of naval veterans at the Flipkart Group, an Indian Navy statement said.

Indian Navy’s Controller of Personnel Services Vice Admiral Suraj Berry and Flipkart’s senior vice president Rajneesh Kumar signed the MoU.

“The INPA is committed to facilitating Ex-Servicemen, our veterans, find employment opportunities after their service to our nation and it is our endeavour to work with the corporate sector to identify and develop programs that enables this cause. We look forward to working with Flipkart on this initiative,” Vice Admiral Suraj Berry said.

Through the MoU, INPA will identify a pool of Ex-Servicemen candidates for relevant roles, as per recruitment standards of Flipkart. The company will, in turn, enable these individuals transition to the corporate sector through in-house assimilation and training programmes.

Flipkart is undertaking this programme under its ‘Diversity and Inclusion Charter‘ under the aegis of ‘Flip March‘ that aims to offer Ex-Servicemen opportunities in line with their qualifications, experience, and attributes acquired during their service period.

“As a country, we are indebted to the valour and contribution of the armed forces to our country. Through our ‘Flip March’ programme, Flipkart aims to create a bridge to facilitate Ex-Servicemen to find opportunities in the corporate world, enriching our talent pool, while also finding continued employment that leverages their skill set. We are proud to be associated with INPA’s efforts and mutually grow our programs further,” Rajneesh Kumar said.

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